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Welcome to Olive-Drab.com, where you will find over fifteen-hundred pages of military photos and information resources. Military jeeps, HMMWVs, trucks, tanks, weapons and ammunition, rations, uniforms, web gear and field equipment, electronics, history, books & videos, and much more. From World War II through Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the wars of the 21st Century you will find reading and photos on all the things that equip the soldier to keep the military fighting and moving.

Today in WW II: 23 Aug 1939 Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia sign a mutual non-aggression pact [Ribbentrop-Molotov Agreement] with secret clauses giving the Soviets access to the Baltic states.  More 
23 Aug 1944 Following overthrow of dictator Marshal Ion Antonescu, Romania repudiates the Axis and joins the fight against Germany, cooperating with the Soviet Union.
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In conjunction with the deployment of the 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized), an  M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle is driven into the cavernous belly of a C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft on the Hunter Army Airfield flight line, August 1990.
View of approximately 195 vehicles at the Baltimore Cargo Port of Embarkation  Motor Vehicle Processing Lot, Holabird and Clinton Streets, Baltimore, MD, September 1944.  As many as 2,000 vehicles can be processed and made available for overseas shipment during any given convoy.  In this case, a line of DUKW amphibious trucks in front of an array of what appears to be CCKW 2 1/2-ton 6x6 cargo trucks.
A Joint Recovery and Distribution System 40T is loaded onto the American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier ship ARCIntegrity in early November 2010. Three JRaDS trailers are making the system's first operational deployment. Soldiers will use them to to recover disabled tactical vehicles. Courtesy photo by Leo DeAngelis, Boeing.
8-inch howitzer, self-propelled (T236), circa 1958.  Three of these 203mm self-propelled howitzers were built by Pacific Car and Foundry Co. for the Detroit Arsenal in the mid-1950s as part of an effort to develop lighter SP guns for air-transportability, speed, and range. The T236 was standardized as the M110 in 1961.  To simplify logistics, the 203mm tube was interchangeable with 155mm and 175mm guns on the same chassis.
United Nations M113 APCs, Bosnia.
Korean soldiers move out in camouflaged M-113 armored personnel carriers and M-48 Patton main battle tanks, during the joint South Korean/US Exercise Team Spirit,  '84, Korea, 25 March 1984.  At the left rear appears to be an M-706 Armored Car, also known as the V-100 Commando.

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