Today in WW II: 3 Feb 1933 Adolf Hitler's first meeting with Germany's military leaders; he sets forth his policy of conquest of Lebensraum in the East and its ruthless Germanization.  More 
3 Feb 1943 While helping others to reach safety, Four Chaplains of the US Army go down with USAT Dorchester after German torpedo attack on the troop ship.
3 Feb 1944 German forces launch a counteroffensive against the Anzio beachhead [3-4 Feb].
3 Feb 1945 US troops return to Manila, Philippines.
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M1089 or M1089A1 5 ton Wrecker

The M-1089 or M1089A1 5 ton Wrecker is a member of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV), providing tactical unit mobility and logistics for the U.S. Army and the other military services.

Curb Weight 34,773 lb 15,773 kg
Length 366 in 9,305 mm
Width 96 in 2,438 mm
Oper. Height 112 in 2,845 mm
Air Trans. Height 105.5 in 2,680 mm
Wheelbase 209 in 5,300 mm
Range (Min. Gr. Wt.) 300+ mi 483+ km
Approach Angle 40
Departure Angle 40
Payload (Lift & Tow Stinger) 11,000 lb 4,990 kg
Towed Load 36,836 lb 16,709 kg

M1089 5 ton Wrecker
M1089 5 ton Wrecker.

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