Today in WW II: 14 Feb 1941 5th Leichte (Panzer) Division arrived in Tripoli, the first elements of the Afrika Korps.  More 
14 Feb 1943 Battle of Kasserine Pass between US and German armored forces begins with 4 days of fighting around Sidi Bou Zid and Sbeitla, Tunisia [14-17 Feb].
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WC-55 Truck, 3/4 ton, 4x4 Gun Motor Carriage Dodge (G502)

The 3/4 ton Dodge WC-55 Gun Motor Carriage was manufactured by Dodge during 1942, as the platform for a temporary solution to the need for an anti-tank weapon. A 3/4 ton WC-52 Weapons Carrier was modified by mounting a 37mm M3A1 anti-tank gun along with other equipment and small changes. The combined modified weapons carrier and anti-tank gun were designated the M-6 Gun Motor Carriage (GMC).

Visit the linked page for photos and more information about the M6 GMC.

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