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Welcome to Olive-Drab.com, where you will find over fifteen-hundred pages of military photos and information resources. Military jeeps, HMMWVs, trucks, tanks, weapons and ammunition, rations, uniforms, web gear and field equipment, electronics, history, books & videos, and much more. From World War II through Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the wars of the 21st Century you will find reading and photos on all the things that equip the soldier to keep the military fighting and moving.

Today in WW II: 21 Aug 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt informs the US Congress on the content of the Atlantic Charter.  More 
21 Aug 1943 Southeast Asia Command (SEAC) set up as Supreme Allied command for Asia, with British Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten as Supreme Allied Commander.
21 Aug 1944 US Army Transportation Corps creates the huge Red Ball Express trucking operation, moving supplies to the ETO front around the clock.
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Olive-Drab.com is huge, with something for every military interest. Here is a sampling of what's inside:

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M246 Truck, Tractor, 5 ton, 6x6, Wrecker belonging to the Royal Thai Air Force, 1965. Photo: Directorate of Transportation, Air Support Command, Royal Thai Air Force.
M4 Sherman tank with flamethrower mounted in the bow machine gun port.  Date and location unknown.
A convoy of M35 2 1/2 ton 6x6 cargo trucks leaves Malamute Airstrip during exercise Brim Frost 87, 1987.
M4 Sherman medium tank equipped with flamethrower apparatus adapted from British Crocodile, circa 1944.  The armored trailer carried the fuel supply.  Only four of these were actually delivered, assigned to the 739th Medium Tank Bn (Special) (Mine Exploder), in the ETO in November 1944.
Corrie Frazier guides an M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) toward the back of a C-17 Globemaster III, Charleston Air Force Base, SC, 24 October 2008.  Frazier is with the 437th Aerial Port Squadron.
A squad of Marines from the 4th Marine Amphibious Brigade is given a briefing during NATO exercise Northern Wedding, Shetland Islands, September 1978. Visible  is an LVTP-7 tracked landing vehicle.

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