Military Aviation Resources

Military Aviation includes all the fighters, bombers, and other aircraft as well as specialized organizational units to fly and support them. It also includes the world wide infrastructure of bases and supply lines to keep the operations in the air or ready to go when needed.

A trio of United States planes flying during WW II, Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (top), a Douglas transport plane and Consolidated B-24 Liberator.  Photo:  Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc.
A trio of United States planes flying during WW II, Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (top), a Douglas transport plane and Consolidated B-24 Liberator. Photo: Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc. 1942.

Today in WW II: 21 Nov 1942 ALCAN Highway opened for its first full day of traffic.  More 
21 Nov 1943 Hitler appoints Luftwaffe Field Marshal Albert Kesselring as commander of all German forces in Italy.
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Military Aviation Resources

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For more information on specific models of WW II bomber aircraft or WW II fighters/dive bomber, see the linked sections.

General Military Aviation Resources
Aero Files is the Internet's most comprehensive, non-commercial, free-access web site dedicated to the aviation history of North America and the airplanes that have graced our skies for 100 years.
Aero-Web maintains the Aviation Enthusiast Corner with lists of aircraft, museums, links, history and more. Big site with guide to aircraft exhibitions plus lots of aviation historical material, first person accounts and records.
The website of the Aeronautical Systems Center (USAF ASC) History Office includes military aviation history, Wright-Patterson AFB history, Wright Brothers, airplane photos, helicopter photos, and online military history books.
Aircraft of the Air Force is a comprehensive resource for U.S. military aircraft history, from the National Museum of the USAF, Dayton, OH.
Aircraft Investment Group Inc. acquires and sells aircraft for clients, civilian and military. Their website has a large section of Aviation Links.
American Aces of WW II. Brief bios of high scoring American fighter pilots of World War II covering all the theatres, services, and fighter planes. has over 1000 aircraft related links, civilian and military, for aircraft, parts, services, government agencies, training and more.
Aviation Enthusiast Corner has great listings of air museums, air shows and events many of which are military content.
The Classic Jet Aircaft Association (CJAA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the safe and continued operation of privately-owned ex-military aircraft, and provides support and information to members who operate these aircraft. Their web site has a wealth of links relating to military aviation.
Joe Baugher's Encyclopedia of American Military Aircraft. An incredibly in-depth and comprehensive site. Links to Joe's serial number compilations and other military aviation related resources.
Flightline is a long resource page of aircraft related links and sites including the famous Preserved US Military Aircraft List.
Globemaster U.S. Military Aviation Database. Unofficial web site from Berlin listing U.S. Air Force, Navy, USMC, and Coast Guard. air bases, units, organizations, links, tail codes, and a dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms.
Kennon Aircraft Covers is a leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft covers and sun shields for military aircraft. Here is the story of how Kennon Sun Shields helped the Air Force solve a cockpit heat buildup problem.
Clarence "Kelly" Johnson's Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, the most original and productive aerospace engineering center of the Cold War era, is described here. Home of the U-2, the SR-71 and other exotic, ahead-of-their-time aircraft.
Military Aircraft Nose Art: An American Tradition. University of Arizona tribute to military aircraft noseart from World War II, and the Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf Wars.
Overland Air Transport. Specialists in the recovery, salvage, and transportation of aircraft worldwide. +49 30 382 4885 in Europe, or 207-935-7501 phone/fax in US.
Sky-Flash has photo galleries of many specialty and military aircraft. They cover many of the most important air shows in recent years.
US Military Aircraft are covered in detail on this site created by the Federation of American Scientists. Detailed descriptions, with photos, are provided for hundreds of aircraft types in the US inventory.
Reference site with all the details of the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II.
Win Jack's Aviation Images. This site is for aviation researchers and enthusiasts, offering over 400 civil and military aviation photos taken during the 1930s, 40s, 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s.
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In has original World War II US aircraft training films available for viewing on their site.
Bomber Aircraft
Bomber Country. Lincolnshire UK has long been associated with the home of Bomber Command during World War II. Here's the full history.
This website has the story of the B-17E Flying Fortress bomber "My Gal Sal" salvaged from the ice-cap of Greenland in August 1995, and now being reconstructed at the Blue Ash Airport located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
B-24 Liberator First Person Accounts. Pilots stories from WW II.
Consolidated B-24 Liberator detailed history from prototypes through last production.
Five Army Men Die In Crash of Plane is a site that honors the crew of a B-25 Mitchell Bomber that crashed on Sharp Top Mountain, Peaks of Otter, near Bedford Virginia in February 1943. The cause of the crash was controversial and investigation continues as discussed here.
B29 Superfortress Then and Now. The B-29 Superfortress was born in response to the Army Air Corps demand for a bomber capable of flying 400 mph, carrying a ton of bombs, and flying missions up to 5,000 miles -- fantastic requirements for 1944. This web site maintains the memory and spirit of the plane, its brave crews and their immeasurable contribution to winning the war. has links to many excellent websites that contain information about the Consolidated Vultee (Convair) B-36 bomber. Included are personal and commercial websites created and maintained by individuals, aviation museums and military and veteran groups plus links to discussion boards, resources for books and memorabilia, model building, Flight Simulator and even UFO groups. (Suggested by Don Pyeatt)
B36 Peacemaker. This site is dedicated to the thousands of people who built and flew the "Big Stick" of the Cold War.
B-52 Stratofortress Association. History, current operations, squadron histories, mission profiles.
B52 Combat Losses/Operational Losses in Vietnam. This page was designed to clear up some confusion as to the names of crewmembers of ten B52s lost over North Vietnam and fourteen B52s lost in other locations
Gunner's Web Site is dedicated to the B-52 gunners who defended the bombers before automated systems took over the job. Large, indexed list of links.
Fighter Aircraft
Little Friends is dedicated to all those who flew and served in the US 8th Army Air Force Fighter Command during World War II.
The Fighter Planes Site. Attack planes, warbirds, fighter planes, information about weapons, many beautiful pictures, a little bit of history and many good links!!
F-4 Phantom II web site. History and lots of photos of the F-4 plus over 200 NATO aircraft. The ultimate reference site for the F-16 enthusiast. Lots of photos.
Utility and Observation Aircraft
Visit the Chart of Military Light Aircraft listing many of the U.S. light aircraft from WW II to date.
OV-1 Mohawk Association's home page is the resource center for the history, mission, pictures and surviving examples of this photo observation and electronic reconnaissance airplane that served the US Army in Europe, Korea, the Vietnam War, Central and South America, Alaska, Desert Storm and a few other spots around the world.
SR-71 Blackbird. The fastest planes in the world. "To Keep The Peace They Flew Alone.....Unarmed.....Into the Unknown".
If you are interested in the SR-71, don't miss this book recently written about the spy plane: SR-71 Revealed by Richard H. Graham, Col., USAF (ret), Blackbird pilot from 1974 until 1981.
SR-71 Cockpit Tour. Close-up photos of the cockpit and instrument panel.
SR-71A, S/N 64-17964, Blackbird, Lockheed. More on the Blackbird. History, operations, variations.
Deep Black: Stealth technology, aircraft and combat.
Visit the Chart of Military Helicopters listing many of the U.S. helicopters from WW II to date.
Military helicoptor links page.
The Air Cavalry web site contains just about everything that you wanted to know on the AH-1 Cobra plus information on the UH-1M/C Huey gunship.
Aircraft Outside the United States
Airforce Technology is the web site for the defence industry serving the UK Airforce and its allies. This site is a gateway to a huge list of aircraft specs, manufacturers of airframes, avionics and spares, organizations and trade groups, shows and exhibitions and more.
Steve Crampton's Air Shows provides photo crammed coverage of a number of UK airshows in the past few years.