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What are the links to Olive-Drab.com on Facebook and other Social Media?

The Internet social media have grown to dominate the means of interconnecting people, organizations, and web sites into a global conversation. This information sharing provides many avenues for sharing and expanding the information content of web resources. Olive-Drab.com and its sister site MilitaryMashUp.com are not exceptions. On this page, the ways to use the social media for enhanced value are listed.

Senior Airman Amber Ashcraft, 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs photographer, updates the Facebook page of Barksdale Air Force Base, LA, 8 August 2011
Senior Airman Amber Ashcraft, 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs photographer, updates the Facebook page of Barksdale Air Force Base, LA, 8 August 2011.

Today in WW II: 25 Nov 1941 Germans reach outskirts of Moscow but cannot sustain attack; Germans hold positions until Dec 5.  More 
25 Nov 1942 British SOE team and anti-Nazi Greeks blow up the Gorgopotamos railway viaduct, the first significant sabotage in occupied Europe [Operation Harling, Nov 25-26].
25 Nov 1943 Battle of Cape St. George between Buka and New Ireland, off Papua New Guinea, fought by US and Japanese naval forces.
25 Nov 1944 In Philippine waters, USS Intrepid [CV-11] hit by two Japanese kamikaze planes within five minute period, killing 69 and seriously wounding 85 of the crew.
25 Nov 1944 Most deadly German V-2 rocket attack in Britain happened at New Cross Road, destroying a Woolworths store and surrounding area, killing 160 people, seriously injuring 120 others.
25 Nov 1944 Japanese occupy Nanning, a transportation hub in south China, for the second time, in final stages of the Ichi-Go offensive.
25 Nov 1944 Last American airborne troops withdraw from unsuccessful Operation Market Garden positions.
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Olive-Drab.com Facebook, Blogs, and Social Media

The most active community is on Facebook, with many participants leaving comments and sometimes their own photos. Most days there are at least two featured photos posted with captions and links to more information. Other followers add comments about their own experiences and point of view or offer corrections to the caption.

These pages are interlinked. For example, each Facebook post is Tweeted to @olivedrabcom and is duplicatad on Blogger. The Blogger post is also added to the Google+ page.

We encourage everyone to follow one or more of these services and, if you like, join in the discussions.

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