USMC Multipurpose Bayonet

In 2002, the USMC Multipurpose Bayonet (MB) was selected to replace the previously fielded, Vietnam-era M7 bayonet for all Marines.

USMC Multipurpose Bayonet (MB)
USMC Multipurpose Bayonet (MB).

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USMC Multipurpose Bayonet Description

USMC Multipurpose Bayonet System

The USMC MB is dual purpose, to be used as a weapon-fixed bayonet for the M-16 rifle and M-4 Carbine, and as a hand-to-hand fighting knife. It is also known as the Ontario OKC3S.

The Multipurpose Bayonet System consists of two components: the bayonet and the scabbard. The bayonet measures 13 1/4-in. overall and features an 8-in. blade and full tang construction. The clip point blade, made from 0.20-in. thick 1095 steel, is 1 3/4-in. deep and has a sharpened false edge. Aggressive serrations are honed into the blade nearest the cross-guard to assist in cutting. The bayonet’s handle is made from flexible thermoplastic elastomer, with an ergonomically designed texture for better handling. An indexing point molded into the handle is embossed with the Marine Corps’ Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

USMC Multipurpose Bayonet (MB) in Scabbard
USMC Multipurpose Bayonet (MB) in Scabbard.

The scabbard is made from a thermoplastic elastomer and includes MOLLE Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) straps. A ceramic-coated aluminum honing rod is integrated into the back of the scabbard. All of the scabbard components and the bayonet handle are being produced in Coyote Brown for improved camouflage when used with the Marine Corps combat utility uniforms and equipment. The MB scabbard has a quick release mechanism that allows the bayonet and scabbard to be easily detached from the load bearing equipment.

USMC Multipurpose Bayonet Procurement

The USMC MB was procured by the Marine Corps Systems Command from the Ontario Knife Company of Franklinville, NY, the sole-source awardee of the USMC contract. The MB was produced in quantity starting in 2003. The NSN is 1095-01-506-3424.

Where to Buy the USMC Multipurpose Bayonet

Ontario Knife Company makes the USMC Multipurpose Bayonet available commercially as the M-10 (or OKC3S). It can be obtained from at this link.

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