TA-312 Field Phone

The analog, 2-wire, battery operated TA-312/PT replaced and will interoperate with the World War II and Korean War EE-8 field phone. The rugged and reliable TA-312 was used from the 1950s through the 1980s before being superceded by the TA-838 analog field phone. TA-312's continue in use throughout the U.S. forces as well as many allied countries.

Sr. Airman Matthew Hamblen, 31st Security Forces Squadron, using field phone during Operation Silver Flag, 16 October  2003
Sr. Airman Matthew Hamblen, 31st Security Forces Squadron, using field phone during Operation Silver Flag, AVIANO Air Base, Italy, 16 October 2003.

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19 Feb 1942 Japanese warplanes attack Darwin, Australia with heavy damage and 243 people killed.
19 Feb 1943 Third Battle of Kharkov begins offensive operations by German forces agains the Red Army in the vicinity of Kharkov [19 Feb-15 Mar].
19 Feb 1943 Mass armor/infantry attack by Germans under Rommel against US II Corps breaks through the mountains at Kasserine Pass, Tunisia, a spectacular success [19-20 Feb].
19 Feb 1945 US Marines attack the Japanese held island of Iwo Jima, landing 30,000 troops on the congested beachhead the first day.
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TA-312 Field Phone

The TA-312/PT (and the earlier, similar TA-43/PT) may be used in a point-to-point wire system or in any two-wire ring-down subscriber position of a telephone communications system. The Handset H-60 contains a push-to-talk switch which connects power for talking. The TA-312/PT has a built-in Receptacle Connector U-79/U for use with the headset and an associated EXT-INT switch. The TA-43/PT does not have these features.

Telephone Set TA-312/PT with Handset H-60
Telephone Set TA-312/PT with Handset H-60.

TA-312 Field Telephone Technical Characteristics

Range wet: Approximately 22.5 km (14 mi) on WD-1/TT (36 dB working limit)
Range dry: Approximately 36.4 km (22 mi) on WD-1/TT (36 dB working limit)
Common Battery Operation Voice transmission and signaling power supplied by switchboard
Local Battery Operation Voice transmission power supplied by two BA-30s, signaling power supplied by a hand-crank generator
Common-Battery Signaling Operation Signaling power supplied by switchboard, voice transmission provided by two BA-30s
Signaling (Outgoing) Hand generated, 90 to 100 V AC, 20 Hz
Signaling (Incoming) Audible tone, adjustable volume

TA-312 Field Telephone Accessories

TA-312/PT dataplate

The TA-312 is supplied with a canvas case that closes with a brass zipper and has a shoulder strap for carrying or hanging the phone. The TA-955 dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) adapter allows push button operational interface with automatic analog switches. The TA-955 Touch Tone pad can be connected to the TA-312 with an integrated coupler and attachment point. The TA-312 also utilizes the G-42 crank generator and BZ3 clacker call signaler. It requires two BA-30 D-cell batteries.

Additional information regarding the TA-43/PT and the TA-312/PT field telephones:

  TA-43/PT TA-312/PT
Nomenclature Telephone Set TA-43/PT Telephone Set TA-312/PT
NSN 5805-00-503-2775 5805-00-543-0012
Manuals TM 11-5805-256-13 TM 11-5805-201-12 -20P -34P and -34
Manufacturer Western Electric Various

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