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Professionally organized tours are available to historic sites where the battle or other event actually happened. There is no better way to appreciate what happened and how, than to be there. Many tours offer experts as guides, sometimes veterans who were original participants, others may be history professors or "antiquarians" who have studied the history in great detail.

M4 Sherman Tank displayed in McAuliffe Square, Bastogne, Belgium, an important site during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944-45
M4 Sherman Tank displayed in McAuliffe Square, Bastogne, Belgium, an important site during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944-45.

Another compilation of World War II battlefield tours is on this linked page.

Today in WW II: 19 Nov 1942 Russian counteroffensive at Stalingrad [November 19-22].  More 
19 Nov 1942 Rabbi Stephen Wise, President of the World Jewish Congress, exposes reports of the German implementation of the 'Final Solution' [Die Endlösung], confirmed by US State Dept.
19 Nov 1944 Metz, France, the capital of Lorraine, liberated by U.S. 95th Infantry Division.
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Military History -- Sites and Tours
Battlebus is a specialist World War II tour company of the Normandy D-Day beaches and battle zones in the adjacent areas.
Battlefield Tours / War Research Society was founded in the 1980s by former police officers, ex-servicemen and others to develop guided tours to the battlefields of the First and Second World Wars and to help people research, trace and visit the war graves of their loved ones. They have a very strong and long standing commitment to Remembrance and battlefield research, also being involved with the organisation of Anniversary Commemorations and the establishment of memorials such as the Piper's memorial at Longueval (Battle of the Somme).
Cassino Battlefields Limited offers battlefield tours to Cassino, Anzio and Salerno where they examine the detail of the conflict from a military perspective and focus on the activities at Battalion, Brigade, Division and Corps levels.
Holt's Battlefield Tours offers everything from King Arthur to Vietnam as the theme for historically accurate tours of world battle sites. Based in UK.
Home of the Brave Military Base Tours has comprehensive and exclusive tours of many unique and historic points of interest on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, based on their special relationships with the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Park Service and the DOD WWII Commemoration Committee. They also have a military museum and gift shop.
Since 1983 Historic Tours has been been the premier American tour operator of World War II historical tours. They have been repeatedly recognized by major news media for their personally guided tours for many prestigious organizations including:The US Navy Memorial Foundation, The 4th Armored Division Assn. (Patton's Best), The 5th US Air Force Memorial Foundation, The 13th Infantry Regiment Assn. and many, many more. In addition to description of their tours and services, this web site describes some of the moving tributes to American participation in WW II which have been part of the return visits of veterans.
Korean War Tours, lists available tours by date.
Navy Tour of the world's largest Naval installation; Hampton Roads, Virginia home port to more than 100 ships. Naval Station Norfolk is currently conducting one public tour daily beginning at 1:30 p.m. The tour departs from the Naval Tour and Information Center located at 9079 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk,Virginia, 23505. Group tours can be arranged in advance by calling the Tour and Information Center at 757-444-7955.
Overlord Tour, a full service sightseeing company, offers tours for discovering the highlights of the landings during World War II in the Normandy area. Packaged tours available, such as the "Band of Brothers" tour, or personalized itineraries. 59, rue St Denis, 02130 Villers-sur-Fère, FRANCE. +33 323 826 511, +33 670 214 342 mobile.
The SpyTrek, Travel around the world and learn about real espionage and spy cases from retired intelligence and counterintelligence officers from the FBI, CIA, DOD, RCMP and KGB, plus famous intelligence authors and historians.

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