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Government Surplus Military Vehicle Auctions

The information in this Olive-Drab.com section will help you understand the U.S. Government system for auctioning surplus goods, especially military vehicles. You will find the exact guidance you need to find what you want, get started bidding, winning, and receiving your surplus treasures.

You will also find warnings of the problems and pitfalls, along with pointers on what to do and where to get good advice.

M-35A2 For Sale at US Government auction
Kaiser Jeep Corp. Model M-35A2 Cargo Truck, on sale at Ft. Gillem, Forrest Park, GA by Government Liquidation.com, February 2005.

Today in WW II: 29 Jul 1938 Japanese invasion of territory claimed by the USSR [Battle of Lake Khasan, 29 July-31 August].   

U.S. Government Military Surplus Vehicle Auctions

Wrecked and cannibalized Kaiser Jeep Corp. Model M-35A2 Cargo Truck For Sale at U.S. Government auction, Ft. Lewis, WA

Government surplus military vehicles are just waiting for you to pick up cheap, right? Not quite. The main impression to take away from this section is that the government surplus auctions are a wonderful source of military vehicles, equipment and gear of all types but it is not necessarily cheap or easy to get. As usual, there is no magic, no fabulous secrets, and certainly no free lunch. There are risks and not every vehicle is a prize, like the M-35A2 on the left that was on sale at Ft. Lewis, WA.

The information here is primarily written regarding military vehicles as the target of interest, but everything pretty much applies to other types of goods available as well. If you want to buy sleeping bags or a boat, you can follow the same procedures and pointers as if you were looking to buy a truck.

Government Surplus Military Vehicle Auctions Guide

Before you think about bidding on a U.S. Government auction, there are many things you need to know. These sections will not only tell you where to go and how to find trucks, trailers, and other vehicles or equipment, they will also arm you with practical advice drawn from the experiences of Olive-Drab.com and our contributors.

M-1009 For Sale by Government Liquidation at  Letterkenny Army Depot, Chambersburg, PA
Event Id 1331, Lot Number 5, closed 11 February 2005. Described as "1985 CHEVROLET MDL M1009 BLAZER, 3/4 TON, 4 X 4, V-8 DIESEL, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. ODOMETER INDICATES 81, 891 MILES. BUYER MUST LOAD. THIS VEHICLE STARTS AND RUNS". For Sale by Government Liquidation.com at Letterkenny Army Depot, Chambersburg, PA.

Be sure to take the advice seriously. Just because a truck looks good in a photo, doesn't mean you can buy it, hop in and drive home. Far from it. Get yourself prepared for the reality of these sales or take advantage of alternatives like dealers who will take on many of the risks for you (at a higher price, of course).

These sections answer all the common questions and will inform you of many things you probably never thought of if this is new to you. Follow up on the links and other sources to go more in depth.

Find additional photos and hi-res versions of military vehicles of all types at the Olive-Drab Military Mashup:

General George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, stops to chat with a G.I. as he rides his Dodge 3/4-ton WC-56 / WC-57 Command Car along a road while on a tour of inspection of the beachheads of France. 12 June 1944.
Company of French Hotchkiss light tanks.
WC-6 (or WC-15 or WC-23) 1/2 ton, 4x4 Dodge Command Reconnaissance Car, Radio Set SCR-245 installed, Field Radio School, 3rd Signal Training Battalion, Signal Corps Replacement Training Center, Ft. Monomuth, NJ, 21 July 1941.
Dodge WC-57 Truck, Command Reconnaissance, 3/4 ton, 4x4 using its winch to make way in the mud of the Philippine Islands, during World War II.
US Army Engineers lay pierced-steel planks to rapidly construct a runway in New Guinea, February 1944.  CCKW 2 1/2-ton 6x6 with A-frame hoist is in background with a Caterpillar tractor and a jeep.
Operating as Opposing Forces at the National Training Center, Ft. Irwin, CA, an infantryman fires a rifle from the turret of an M551 Sheridan light tank (with a 75 mm automatic cannon), 20 March 1984. The tank has been altered to appear Russian. The soldiers, wearing Russian uniforms, are armed with an AK47 rifle and an RPG portable rocket launcher.

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