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On-line video has exploded in popularity due to rapid growth of broadband Internet access coupled with websites that offer free or low cost video hosting. Led by, these sites allow users to upload personal video clips on any subject. These video services have created a new opportunity for Military Vehicle owners to post video of their project vehicles, group meetings and trail rides, vintage video clips or newsreels that feature MVs. Here are some samples:


You can find more of these at (and other video hosting sies) using their search.

Today in WW II: 6 Sep 1939 Cracow, the second city of Poland, falls to German onslaught.  More 
6 Sep 1942 Germans capture Novorossiysk, key Soviet port on Black Sea. Soviet sailors in a small enclave called Malaya Zemlya hold out for 225 days, denying German military use of the port.
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Military Vehicle Online Videos at on YouTube has a Channel on YouTube where videos about military vehicles are posted. These are primarily vintage newsreels, millitary training films, or promotional film from vehicle manufacturers. New videos are added as they are discovered and processed for upload to YouTube.

Here is a catalog of the most significant videos at the YouTube Channel. Click the video title to view it. Click the link for more information on the topic of the video.

Video Title More Information
Autobiography of a Jeep Origin: How the Army Jeep was Born
Willys MB vs Ford GPW: What's the Difference? Origin: How the Army Jeep was Born
Willys MB / Ford GPW WW II Army Jeep
The Jeep in War and Peace Willys MB / Ford GPW WW II Army Jeep
Ford Reconnaissance Cars Join the Army Ford GP Prototype Jeep
Strictly GI: Honorable Discharge Ford GP Prototype Jeep
New Caledonia Jeeps WWII History: Pacific Theater: Overview
WWII Jeeps in Color Willys MB / Ford GPW WW II Army Jeep>
The Evolution of U.S. Military Trucks Willys MB / Ford GPW WW II Army Jeep
Highballing to Victory Military Vehicle Charts
Red Ball Highway Red Ball Express
Chevrolet Leader News, Vol. 1, No. 3 Pre-WW II Chevrolet Military Light Trucks
M62 5-Ton Wrecker M62 5-Ton Wrecker
DUKW The Seagoing Truck DUKW Amphibious 2 1/2 Ton 6x6 Truck
Armor and Artillery
Troop Train (Armored Division) Military Vehicle Charts
FOB America: M10 Tank Destroyer M-10 Tank Destroyer
M-16 Gun Motor Carriage Antiaircraft Halftracks Training M-16 Gun Motor Carriage, Halftrack
Other Vehicles and Multiple Vehicle Types
Top 3 US Army Trucks of WW II Military Vehicle Charts
US Army Motorcycle Dispatch Riders Road Test Military Motorcycles & Scooters
US Marines Road Retreat from Chosin Korean War Brief History
Army Staff Car, 1943 (Brief, Color) Military Staff / Command Cars
Kettenkrad Kettenkrad Small Tracked Military Motorcycle (German Army WW II)

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Commercial Source of Military Vehicle Videos

Vintage Video has a large library of films dating back to World War II or earlier. Their unique collection of original documentaries and films covers many topics such as military vehicles, aircraft, armor, weapons, horse cavalry, military tactics, airborne, navy operations, and more. These videos are available via their website or catalog and are an incredible, valuable resource for the collector, restorer or reenactor.

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