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Military Vehicle Charts

The military vehicle charts in this section have a large number of photos, organized by vehicle type (e.g. jeep, amphibious) and the specific model. On a chart page, click on the small photo of a model to see the full page of larger photos of the vehicle plus additional information and links.

The military vehicle charts include not only jeeps and trucks, but many other varieties of vehicles including motorcycles, artillery, light planes and helicopters, cranes and wreckers, and earthmoving equipment. If it had a life in the military, Olive-Drab.com will try to provide photos of it.

For more about MVs, this Olive-Drab.com page provides General information about Military Vehicles and this page is the start of the Guide to Owning Military Vehicles.

Be sure to visit MilitaryMashUp.com, a sister site to Olive-Drab.com, where you can browse and search over 5,000 photos of military jeeps, truck, tanks, artillery and much more.

Today in WW II: 26 Oct 1940 First flight of the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang aircraft, only 117 days after the Government contract was awarded.  More 
26 Oct 1942 Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands: US and Japanese naval forces clash in southern Solomons as Japanese try to prevent US forces from responding to ground offensive on Guadalcanal.
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Military Vehicle Charts

Line up of 1/4 ton 4x4 trucks (Willys MB or Ford GPW), aka the World War II jeep
Line up of 1/4 ton 4x4 trucks (Willys MB or Ford GPW), aka the World War II jeep.

Official U.S. Government photos of military vehicles in actual service were used in the charts wherever possible, supplemented by museum photos and photos of restored vehicles. Many of the photos were contributed by private owners or others in the Olive-Drab.com military vehicles "family" to make this one of the most interesting and complete collections available anywhere. If this isn't enough, there are even more military vehicle photos in the Gallery of Historical Military Photos & Posters.

Find additional photos and hi-res versions of military vehicles of all types at the Olive-Drab Military Mashup:

USAF Mosquitos at K-6 airfield, Pyongtaek, Korea, spring 1951. The maintenance shop is the open-air gravel pad on the right of the photo. The taxiways are dirt and the PSP (pierced steel planking) runway is in the background on the left.  6x6 cargo trucks appear to be GMC CCKW of WW II vintage.
The commander of an M60A3 main battle tank searches for OPFOR (opposing force)  positions near Giessen, Hesse, Germany, during CENTRAL GUARDIAN, a phase of Exercise REFORGER '85 , 23 January 1985.
Marines with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, NATO International Security Assistance Force, operating in Garmsir, Helmand Province, Afghanistan with front loaders and MRAP vehicles.
USMC M4 Sherman tank takes wounded Marines from the battlefield during the attack on Sugar Loaf, Okinawa, 1945.
Dodge WC-51 or WC-52 3/4 ton 4x4 weapons carrier trucks loaded onto a haulaway truck, near Detroit, April 1943.  A second truck, left, is taking on a load of jeeps.  WC-54 ambulances are lined up in background.
M3 medium tank, known as the General Lee to the US Army and the General Grant to the British, North Africa, circa 1942-43.  This one has a riveted hull and short-barreled 75mm gun. Later models have cast or welded armor, and some were equipped with a long-barreled gun.  Principal armament was the 75mm cannon, in a right-hand sponson, capable of being swung in an arc of about 30 degrees. The entire tank would often have to be turned to bring the gun to bear. In a hull-down position only the secondary gun, the 37mm cannon in the turret, could be fired. The silhouette of the M3 was much higher than that of corresponding German tanks.

The collection keeps growing, so check back from time to time. If you have a photo or two to contribute, please contact Olive-Drab.com.

Click on the link in this table to go to the chart for each type of vehicle. The list of charts is also available at the Olive-Drab.com Directory page.

These charts are intended to cover the most common vehicles of interest to visitors to Olive-Drab, plus other vehicles as available. Not every vehicle is covered nor do we have the best possible photo for each one. Some of these vehicles have a number of variants which are not all shown. If you need a very complete resource for the "M" and "G" numbers of U.S. vehicles use the book "Army Vehicle Identification Numbers" (4th edition, 1994) available from Portrayal Press. Other books cataloging Military Vehicles are listed at the bottom of the page.

M-4 Sherman Tank Production, July 1942
M-4 Sherman Tank Production, July 1942.

If you have any other (or better) photos available, think a photo is mis-identified, or have other suggestions which would improve this service, please contact Olive-Drab.com.

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