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WW II Tractors / Bulldozers

During WW II crawler tractor / bulldozers were used by the U.S. military for combat construction in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, literally all over the world. They also served as prime movers for artillery, and for a multitude of other tasks. The crawler tractors had unsurpassed capability to move and tow in the muddy jungles of the Pacific islands which made them especially prized by SeaBees, Marine Corps and Army units in the Pacific Theater. When equipped with a bulldozer blade, they could level ground for roads and airfields as well as clear debris, construct fortifications and much more.

Spring 1944 photo of bulldozers at the Engineer Depot, Thatcham, England in preparation for the D-Day invasion, 6 June 1944
Spring 1944 photo of bulldozers at the Engineer Depot, Thatcham, England in preparation for the D-Day invasion, 6 June 1944. Click for larger image.

Today in WW II: 25 Nov 1941 Germans reach outskirts of Moscow but cannot sustain attack; Germans hold positions until Dec 5.  More 
25 Nov 1942 British SOE team and anti-Nazi Greeks blow up the Gorgopotamos railway viaduct, the first significant sabotage in occupied Europe [Operation Harling, Nov 25-26].
25 Nov 1943 Battle of Cape St. George between Buka and New Ireland, off Papua New Guinea, fought by US and Japanese naval forces.
25 Nov 1944 In Philippine waters, USS Intrepid [CV-11] hit by two Japanese kamikaze planes within five minute period, killing 69 and seriously wounding 85 of the crew.
25 Nov 1944 Most deadly German V-2 rocket attack in Britain happened at New Cross Road, destroying a Woolworths store and surrounding area, killing 160 people, seriously injuring 120 others.
25 Nov 1944 Japanese occupy Nanning, a transportation hub in south China, for the second time, in final stages of the Ichi-Go offensive.
25 Nov 1944 Last American airborne troops withdraw from unsuccessful Operation Market Garden positions.
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Chart of WW II Tractors / Bulldozers

Tractor / Bulldozers were produced in great variety, from small, air transportable units that flew with airborne engineers to hulking brutes used to move the heaviest field artillery under adverse conditions.

According to TM 9-2800 (1 September 1943) War Department tractor / bulldozers were standardized under three general nomenclature groupings, with several commercially available models in each group, as follows:

While other tractors were procured during WW II, the most common were the standardized units listed.

In this chart of military tractors and bulldozers from the WW II period, click on the photo link to go to the page of photos and information for the specific truck. See also Military Tractors.

Recommended Books about WW II Tractors / Bulldozers

Thanks to az_mike_miller for recommending "Bulldozing the Way: New Guinea to Japan."

Vehicle Description Photo Link
CA1 Clarkair Crawler CA1. Air transportable tractor/dozer with Braden winch. Developed by Clark, and approx. 1100 built by Clark Equipment Co. and American Machine and Metals Inc. for US Army during WW II. Thanks to Stephen Sarkany for corrected information. Clarkair Crawler CA1
M-450 M-450 Air-transportable Bulldozer M-450 Air-transportable Bulldozer
R-4 R-4 Caterpillar Bulldozer/Tractor R-4 Caterpillar Bulldozer
D-4 D-4 Caterpillar Bulldozer/Tractor D-4 Caterpillar Bulldozer / Tractor
D-7 D-7 Caterpillar Bulldozer D-7 Caterpillar Bulldozer
TD-18 TD-18 International Harvester Tractor / Bulldozer TD-18 International Harvester Tractor / Bulldozer
TD-40 TD-40 International Harvester Tractor / Bulldozer TD-40 International Harvester Tractor / Bulldozer
HD10W Allis-Chalmers Co. HD10W Tractor / Bulldozer Allis-Chalmers Co. HD10W Tractor / Bulldozer

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