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In Vietnam, an M48 Patton Medium Tank is used for clearing mines with the attached Ensure 202 Roller. The roller was designed to exert a high gound pressure to detonate the mine, but not so much pressure that it would crush roads or bridges. Often the roller did not survive a mine blast.
325th Maintenance Company paint shelters at Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia, circa 1991.
M1070/M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter System (HET or HETS) deploys transports, recovers and evacuates combat-loaded M1 tanks and other vehicles of similar weight to and from the battlefield. M1070 and M1070A1 tractors are mated with the M1000 Semitrailer.
Truck, Earth Auger, 1 1/2 Ton, 4x4, Chevrolet truck, rear view. 145 inch wheel base.
American Amphibious Tractors LVT(4) in use by British forces, Lake Comacchio, Italy, 11 April 1945.  In this photo, German POWs are being transported away from the flooded lake area.
Jeep image from TM-10-1513 Maintenance Manual for Willys Truck 1/4 Ton Model MB 4x4 Built for U. S. Government, USA Registration Numbers 2073506 to 2078606, 1942 Edition.

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Today in WW II: 1 Oct 1939 German forces enter Warsaw to take control of Poland.  More 
1 Oct 1943 American forces enter Naples, Italy, the first major European city to be liberated during WW II.
1 Oct 1944 Red Army presses offensive on Eastern Front with Battle of Debrecen, Hungary [6-29 Oct].
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