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As the sun sets, a collection of MTVR 7-ton trucks, HMMWVs, and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles from Truck Company, II Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group (Forward) sit inside the Truck Company vehicle lot aboard Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, 11 March 2009, moments before the unit launches a combat logistics convoy into the Al Anbar province, Iraq. In an attempt to cut down on traffic and minimize interference with the Iraqi population's daily lives, Multi National Force - West runs most of its convoys at night.
3rd Battalion, 6th Field Artillery, 1st Infantry Division soldiers loading  Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) pods onto a HEMTT vehicle, Ft.Bliss, TX, 9 May 1983
Arrangement of radio equipment in jeep rigged by 1st Signal Bn, 1st Marine Div, Korea, 8 Nov 1950.  M1 Carbine next to passenger seat.
Fifth Marine Regiment sets up command post by tip of Chosin Reservoir, Korea, 21 November 1950.  Jeeps and 1/4-ton trailers are parked near tents.  Amid wreckage of former homes, natives rummage for supplies for themselves and their farm animals.
USMC M38A1 1/4-ton 4x4 (jeep) at the New York City Veterans Day parade, 11 November 2013.  M1009 CUCV Chevy Blazer behind the jeep. Photo courtesy Phil Gilson.
A battle weary Marine unit heads for a rest area via the Agana - Piti road after they were relieved at the front, Guam, 29 July 1944.

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Today in WW II: 24 Jul 1943 Start of the Battle of Hamburg [Operation Gomorrah], an eight day/night air campaign that destroyed large zones of the city by firestorm.  More 
24 Jul 1943 Gen. Patton's Seventh Army secures Palermo, Sicily.
24 Jul 1944 US forces land on Tinian.
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