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Today in WW II: 9 Apr 1940 Germany occupies Denmark and invades Norway [Operation Weserübung].  More 
9 Apr 1940 British campaign in Norway is launched.
9 Apr 1941 In agreement with Denmark, US acquires military defense rights in Greenland, repudiated by Denmark on 12 April.
9 Apr 1942 Japanese Navy launches an air raid on Trincomalee in Ceylon [Sri Lanka] sinking a Royal Navy aircraft carrier and an Australian destroyer.
9 Apr 1942 Bataan falls, US troops in Philippines surrender to Japanese.
9 Apr 1945 Abwehr conspirators Wilhelm Canaris, Hans Oster and Hans Dohanyi are hanged at Flossenberg concentration camp, along with pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
9 Apr 1945 Surrender of Königsberg, East Prussia [now Kaliningrad, Russia].
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