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WW I Poster: Join the Air Service Learn-Earn

WW I Poster: Join the Air Service Learn-Earn

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This poster, by an unknown artist, is one of a series developed to recruit for the new Air Service. It features the Air Service star and a collection of then state-of-the-art airships, both winged and lighter than air. The appeal is not patriotic, rather it is practical asking readers to consider the potential to learn and to earn money.

Very small under the wing of the center airplane, is the Air Service motto: "Give'er the Gun".

Today in WW II: 19 Nov 1942 Russian counteroffensive at Stalingrad [November 19-22].  More 
19 Nov 1942 Rabbi Stephen Wise, President of the World Jewish Congress, exposes reports of the German implementation of the 'Final Solution' [Die Endlösung], confirmed by US State Dept.
19 Nov 1944 Metz, France, the capital of Lorraine, liberated by U.S. 95th Infantry Division.
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