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WW II Company F Inspection, Tennessee Maneuvers, 1943

WW II Company F Inspection, Tennessee Maneuvers, 1943

This photo was taken 8 May 1943 by a U.S. Army Signal Corps photographer as Company F, 347th Inf Reg., 87th Inf. Division, stands for inspection during the Second Army Tennessee Maneuvers. The Commanding General, Major General Percy Clarkson, is expected momentarily.

This photo is an excellent example of daily life during World War II infantry training. Each soldier has his layout ready, with all personal gear clean and shined. Under magnification, you can see the M-1 Garand, web gear, canteen and mess kit, uniforms & other clothing and other items at each position. Each pair of soldiers is at attention by their shared pup tent.

The Signal Corps logo is on the lower left and the photo ID number on the lower right.

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