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WWII D-Day: Omaha Beach a Logistics Nightmare, June 1944

WWII D-Day: Omaha Beach a Logistics Nightmare, June 1944

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This photo was taken by a U.S. Army Signal Corps photographer at Omaha Beach after the landings on D-Day, 6 June 1944. The panoramic view of Omaha Beach shows the logistics effort required to support the fighting and secure the landings.

Today in WW II: 29 Oct 1940 First Selective Service System draft lottery is held in Washington, DC; Number 158 is the first chosen.  More 
29 Oct 1941 Known as the "Great Action" by German troops, over 10,000 Jews are liquidated in the Kovno [Kaunas] Ghetto at the Ninth Fort, Lithuania.
29 Oct 1942 Coffee rationing begins in the United States.
29 Oct 1944 1st Inf Div Chaplain Sidney Lefkowitz and Cantor Max Fuchs hold a 10-minute, open-air service near Aachen, the first Jewish service on German soil since Nazi suppression began.
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