Generals Who Won WW II in Europe, 1945 Group Photo

Generals Who Won WW II in Europe, 1945 Group Photo

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This group photo of Generals from the European Theater of Operations was one of many taken in 1945 as part of celebration of the world-wide victory achieved by U.S. Armed Forces. It is not known why this particular group was assembled for the photo with Eisenhower, since other important generals are not included.

In this photo, seated left to right are:

  • William H. Simpson (9th Army)
  • George S. Patton, Jr. (7th Army, 3rd Army)
  • Carl Spaatz (8th Air Force, US Strategic Air Forces in Europe)
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower (SHAEF Supreme Allied Commander)
  • Omar Bradley (1st Army, 12th Army Group)
  • Courtney H. Hodges (1st Army)
  • Leonard T. Gerow (19th Army)

Standing left to right are:

  • Ralph F. Stearley (9th Tactical Air Division, 9th Air Force)
  • Hoyt S. Vandenberg (9th Air Force)
  • Walter Bedell Smith (SHAEF Chief of Staff)
  • Otto P. Weyland (XIX Tactical Air Command)
  • Richard E. Nugent (XXIX Tactical Air Command)
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