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World War II 'Keep 'Em Fighting' Production Poster

World War II 'Keep 'Em Fighting' Production Poster

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This poster was created by OWI during World War II for the National Safety Council, Inc. It is one of a series for the purpose of motivating factory workers to emphasize safety as part of the continuous effort to increase war production. "Keep 'em Fighting. Production Wins Wars. Stop Accidents." is the message against the image of the macho sailor carrying a large shell to a gun.

The date may be 1944 but this is not certain.

Today in WW II: 22 Apr 1941 American reinforcements arrive in Philippines, 2000 US Army troops. More 
22 Apr 1945 Heinrich Himmler, aware the Third Reich would end within days, attempts to surrender Germany to the Western Allies, but not the Soviet Union. Allies not interested.
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