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Military Police Escort Guards with their Motorcycles, January 1945

Military Police Escort Guards with their Motorcycles, January 1945

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This is a US Army photo of Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation Military Police Escort Guards ready to mount their motorcycles in their new fur-lined winter uniforms. Left to right: Sgt. Earl Miller, 33084065, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Pfc. William J. Warner, 33351701, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Pfc. Thomas J. Rigby, 37023477, Petersburg, Virginia; Pfc. Ammon Shoop, 33774935, Palmyra, Pennsylvania; Pfc. Stephen A. Kunstek, 13005124, Pottsville, Pennsylvania; Cpl. Rocco Franciose, 31228199, Natick, Massachusetts; Pvt. Archie J. Morelli, 32148308, Rochester, New York; Pfc. Clem J. Breidenbach, 36257764, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Pvt. Martin B. Nelson, 42086874, Camden, New Jersey; and Lt. Horace J. Eaton, 0-1846272, Los Angeles, California, Supply and Transportation Officer and OIC, Prisoner of War Movements.

U.S. Army Signal Corps, 15 January 1945.

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