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M*A*S*H for Real: 46th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, Korea 1952

M*A*S*H for Real: 46th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, Korea 1952

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This series of photos was taken by a U.S. Army photographic unit to document operations at the 46th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, supporting the 45th Infantry Division, the 40th Infantry Division, and the Philippine Expeditionary Forces in Korea from a point about 10 miles behind the front lines. Casualties from well known battles such as the Punch Bowl, Sandbag Castle, Heartbreak Ridge, and Christmas Hill were treated here.

These are actual events, not staged. If these scenes look familiar, it is because the movie and TV series M*A*S*H used photos like these to create authentic sets and situations.

The four photos show the interior of the 46th MASH, with the staff attending to casualties as they move through the stages of treatment. The photos are of:

  • Top left: X-Ray
  • Top right: Pre-op
  • Bottom left: Operating Room
  • Bottom right: Post-op
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