M*A*S*H for Real: OH-13 Helicopter at 46th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, Korea 1952

M*A*S*H for Real: OH-13 Helicopter at 46th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, Korea 1952

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This photo was taken by a U.S. Army photographer at the 46th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, supporting the 45th Infantry Division, the 40th Infantry Division, and the Philippine Expeditionary Forces in Korea from a point about 10 miles behind the front lines. Casualties from well known battles such as the Punch Bowl, Sandbag Castle, Heartbreak Ridge, and Christmas Hill were treated here.

In the photo casualties on stretchers are arriving on a OH-13 Sioux helicopter. This type of helicopter was used in Korea to evacuate selected casualties from the battalion aid stations to the MASH unit. The helicopter landed only a few feet from the door of the admission section. Patients were then carried immediately by litter to the preoperative section.

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