WWII 'Victory Waits on Your Fingers' 'Keep 'Em Flying Miss USA' Poster

WWII 'Victory Waits on Your Fingers' 'Keep 'Em Flying Miss USA' Poster

This is a beautiful color US World War II "Victory Waits on Your Fingers" "Keep 'Em Flying Miss USA" poster. In the poster, the fresh-faced, innocent-looking, All-American girl has been told that she can help win the war. In the spirit of the times, she salutes and goes to work. This is one of a series of posters that were used by the U.S. Government to encourage women to find jobs outside the home in war production during World War II.

The original poster was produced by the Royal Typewriter Company for the U.S. Civil Service Commission. The text at the bottom reads "Uncle Sam Needs Stenographers! Get Civil Service Information At Your Local Post Office / U.S. Civil Service Commission, Washington, D.C."

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