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World War II 'Loose Lips' Poster

World War II 'Loose Lips' Poster

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One of the most famous sayings from World War II posters is the phrase "Loose Lips Sink Ships" that originated with this poster. Although the poster includes the word "might" the phrase is remembered without it.

The poster was issued in 1942 by the House of Seagram (Seagram Distillers) of Montreal, Canada, one of a series created for use in taverns. At the bottom, the poster has text reading, "This Poster is Published by the House of Seagram as part of its contribution to the National Victory Effort". The artist, Seymour Goff, signs as Ess-ar-gee.

Today in WW II: 13 Oct 1943 Italy's new government, now siding with the Allies, declares war on Germany.  More 
13 Oct 1944 Riga, Latvia is taken by the Soviet Red Army; Salaspils concentration camp near Riga is liberated.
13 Oct 1944 British enter Athens, followed after a few days by Papandreou's government in exile.
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