World War II ETO Women War Correspondents, 1943

World War II ETO Women War Correspondents, 1943

This photo was taken 1 February 1943 in London, England by a U.S. Army Signal Corps photographer. It shows a group of women War Correspondents working in the ETO (European Theatre of Operations.) Note the "C" armband on their uniforms designating a Correspondent. The Signal Corps logo is on the lower left and the photo ID number (partially cropped) on the lower right.

The women are identified as (L to R):

  • Mary Welch: NY, Time and Life
  • Dixie Tighe: NY, International
  • Kathleen Harriman: NY, Newsweek
  • Helen Kirkpatrick: Rochester, NY, Chicago Daily News
  • Lee Miller: Poughkeepsie, NY, Vogue
  • Tania Long: Westport, CT, N.Y. Times

Kathleen Harriman was the 25-year-old daughter of US Ambassador to the USSR, W. Averell Harriman.

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