WW II Jeep on the ALCAN Highway in 1942

WW II Jeep on the ALCAN Highway in 1942

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This photo shows a jeep on the ALCAN (Alaska-Canada) Highway in 1942, one of the first U.S. Army vehicles to travel the partially finished highway. There is an incredible amount of detail in this photo, such as the tiny sign on the radiator of the jeep which can be clearly read in the full size photo.

See also WC-10 Dodge Truck on Scenic Stretch of Alcan Highway and the WC-7 Dodge Truck on the ALCAN Highway, other photos in this Olive-Drab.com Gallery.

Today in WW II: 7 Aug 1942 US Marines invade Guadalcanal, the first major American offensive operation of WW II.   

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