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Iraq War U.S. Army Medical Track

Iraq War U.S. Army Medical Track

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A medical track rushes wounded soldiers to medical attention during combat operations in Fallujah, Iraq. The M-113 Armored Ambulance was assigned to 7th Cavalry, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division. Photographed 12 November 2004.

Today in WW II: 27 Nov 1942 Operation Lila: German Army units reach Toulon, on the Mediterranean coast, to capture the Vichy French fleet based there.  More 
27 Nov 1942 French Navy at Toulon scuttles its ships and submarines to prevent German confiscation.
27 Nov 1944 Thousands of tons of ordnance explode at RAF Fauld underground munitions storage depot in Staffordshire, England, leaving about 75 dead and a huge crater.
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