US Army DEPMEDS Combat Support Hospital

US Army DEPMEDS Combat Support Hospital

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Deployable Medical Systems (DEPMEDS) was developed in the early 1980s to standardize a system of Combat Support Hospitals. DEPMEDS hospitals are assembled from standard functional modules. Critical modules are housed in rigid aluminum ISO-standard shelters, including laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, sterilization departmetns and operating rooms. Auxiliary functions are housed in TEMPER units (Tent, Expandable, Modular, Personnel) as well as vans.

CP DEPMEDS (Chemically Protected Deployable Medical Systems) is a containerized set that provides Army DEPMEDS Combat Support Hospitals with a capability to sustain operations in an NBC environment (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical).

Further DEPMEDS Deployable Medical Systems information is avaialble on this page.

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