Airborne Infantry Officer with SCR-536 Radio Set

Airborne Infantry Officer with SCR-536 Radio Set

This 1942 U.S. Army photo shows an Airborne Infantry officer using a then-new SCR-536 "walkie-talkie," a field radio-telephone, during Third Army maneuvers in Louisiana, commanded by Lieutenant General Walter Kreuger early in World War II.

As explained on this page about the SCR-536, the core component of the radio set is the BC-611 Radio Receiver and Transmitter, sometimes confused with the entire SCR-536 system.

The paratrooper's sleeve bears the insigina of the U.S. Army Second Infantry Division, a five-pointed white star superimposed upon a black shield with an Indian's head with war bonnet in profile. In color, the Indian's face is red, the bonnet blue, with the outline of feathers in blue.

The photo has not been cropped and still bears the U.S. Army Signal Corps seal and partially visible notes on the edges.

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