WC-10 on Scenic Stretch of Alcan Highway, 1942

WC-10 on Scenic Stretch of Alcan Highway, 1942

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This magnificent photo of the Alaskan mountains and wilderness was taken in 1942 on a scenic stretch of the then-new Alaska-Canadian Highway ("Alcan") during World War II. Against terrible difficulties of terrain and weather, the 1,522 mile long road from Dawson Creek, British Colombia, to Fairbanks, Alaska was constructed by Army Engineers, about one-third of them African-American troops, in just eight months and twelve days, a huge success in what had been deemed an impossible task. The road opened for traffic 25 October 1942.

The first vehicles to travel the rugged route were all-wheel-drive Army jeeps and trucks, including the WC-10 Truck, 1/2 ton, 4x4 Dodge Carryall seen in the lower left of the photo. The linked WC-10 page has a closer look at the truck, a detail from this large format photo.

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