Jeep with M-100 trailer, Potsdam Conference 1945

Jeep with M-100 trailer, Potsdam Conference 1945

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This photo was taken in Potsdam, Germany at a military check point during the Potsdam Conference, 14 July 1945. In the back of the jeep are Civilian Photo Technicians working for the Counter Intelligence Corps. The jeep is driven by Captain Thomas Ryan, Bdg. Co., Berlin District, from New York City. The MP is Cpl. Charles Christie, 713th MP Bn., whose home is Tahlequah, OK.

The trailer is an MB-T or T3 quarter-ton trailer, manufactured specifically to be towed by the WW II MB/GPW jeep.

This photo is displayed on the page of photos of the Truck, 1/4 Ton, 4x4 (Willys MB, Ford GPW) WW II Army Jeep. The U.S. Army Signal Corps logo and photo number are on the bottom left and right of the image. The bumper markings of the jeep have been censored, a common practice during WW II.

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