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Korea Soldier Evacuated by Helicopter, 1951

Korea Soldier Evacuated by Helicopter, 1951

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This photo depicts a wounded American soldier on a litter as he is placed on a helicopter at the 21st Infantry Regiment collecting station at Painmal, Korea, one mile south of the 38th Parallel, for evacuation to a base hospital, 3 April 1951.

Today in WW II: 10 May 1940 German Blitzkrieg ["lightning war"] begins with air attacks on Dutch cities and invasion of Belgium and Luxembourg.  More 
10 May 1940 British Prime Minister Chamberlain resigns and is replaced by Winston Churchill.
10 May 1940 Iceland invaded by the United Kingdom [Operation Fork] to prevent a German presence there.
10 May 1941 Savage climax to the Blitz as 507 German aircraft drop 711 tons of bombs on London [10-11 May].
10 May 1941 Rudolf Hess files to Scotland [10-11 May].
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