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Nazi/German Propaganda Poster

Nazi/German Propaganda Poster

Nazi/German Propaganda Poster

This poster recruits for the Waffen SS, the "Armed SS," the combat arm of the Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel). Without words it compares the SS soldier to the Teutonic Knights of German history and legend. This image was used in several contexts including recruiting the Norwegian pro-Nazi military battalion poster (Number 88).

The posters in this collection were created by the Nazi political party or the Nazi government of Germany during the 1920s through 1945. They depict the Nazi themes of the racial superiority of Germans, the subordination of the individual to the collective state, the hatred of the Jewish people and others considered enemies, the supremacy of Hitler, and the glory of service in war to further their aims.

The Nazi regime was vile and repugnant, responsible for suffering and death on a vast scale before and during World War II in Europe. The Nazis were discredited and destroyed at enormous cost to humanity. These posters are presented for historical reference only. No endorsement of Nazi ideas is implied or intended by this display.

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