Today in WW II: 11 Nov 1940 55 Polish intellectuals murdered in Dachau concentration camp [near Munich], the first of many mass executions there.  More 
11 Nov 1940 Operation SWORDFISH: Raid on Taranto, Italy, the British Royal Navy's first all-aircraft naval attack, launching obsolete canvas planes from an aircraft carrier [11-12 Nov].
11 Nov 1942 Triggered by Operation Torch in N. Africa, Germans take control of all of Vichy France north of the Riviera.
11 Nov 1942 Allies capture Casablanca, Morocco during Operation Torch.
11 Nov 1942 In the aftermath of Operation Torch, Germany and Vichy France begin negotiations on the fate of the French fleet at Touson.
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AT422T All Terrain (ATEC) 22-Ton Crane, Truck Mounted, Wheeled

The all hydraulic AT422T All Terrain Crane (ATEC) is manufactured by Grove. This crane incorporates the capability of highway operation and off-road (rough terrain) operation, making it the most universal crane in the army inventory.

The 22-ton All Terrain Crane (ATEC) incorporates an all welded steel frame using planetary drive axles to provide selectable four-wheel drive. Front and rear axle steering is accomplished utilizing hydraulic steer cylinders. The engine is mounted at the front of the crane carrier and provides power for the carrier and superstructure through the hydraulic system and six speed transmission. The hydraulic, double box, sliding beam outriggers is a integral part of the carrier frame. The carrier frame incorporates oscillation lockout cylinders to which the axles are mounted. Axle oscillation is provided through the front and rear axle suspension and oscillation lockout cylinders allows the crane to perform on tire lifts. The superstructure is capable of continuous 360 degree rotation in either direction. All crane functions are controlled from the fully-enclosed cab mounted on the superstructure. On site travel can be accomplished from driving controls located in the superstructure cab or carrier cab. The basic crane is equipped with a three-section, trapezoidal, cable synchronized boom. Lifting is provided by a main hoist and auxiliary hoist. The ATEC is equipped with a computerized load moment indicator (LMI) system. The LMI weighs the load for the operator and tells the operator when the crane is being structurally over loaded or in danger of tipping. The ATEC incorporates a recovery system that is battery operated allowing the operator to stow the out riggers and boom the engine is disabled.

Manuals for this equipment include TM 5-3810-307-10 titled Operator's Manual for All-Terrain Crane (ATEC) AT422T Diesel Engine Driven, 22 Ton Capacity Truck Mounted With Cab NSN 3810-01-448-2619. Other manuals will be in the TM 5-3810-307-xx series, where the xx represents the maintenance level.

The AT422T ATEC is used for construction, maintenance, bridging and resupply activities. Approximately 340 Grove Model AT422T cranes were procured from 1998 to 2006.

AT422T All Terrain (ATEC) 22-Ton Crane, Truck Mounted, Wheeled
AT422T All Terrain (ATEC) 22-Ton Crane, Truck Mounted, Wheeled.

AT422T All Terrain (ATEC) 22-Ton Crane, Truck Mounted, Wheeled
AT422T All Terrain (ATEC) 22-Ton Crane, Truck Mounted, Wheeled.

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