Today in WW II: 5 Jan 1941 British 8th Army [Wavell] captures Bardia in Cyrenaica, Libya taking 45,000 Italian prisoners.  More 
5 Jan 1942 On the Kerch Peninsula, German forces in the Crimea defeat a surprise landing at Eupatoria by the Soviet Red Army.
5 Jan 1942 Birth of the Seabees: Authority granted to recruit men from the construction trades for assignment to three Naval Construction Battalions [CBs => Seabees].
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Autocar U-5044-T Tractor, 5-ton, 4x4 (G-635)

The Autocar U-5044-T Tractor, 5-ton, 4x4 (G-635) was produced in 1940 and 1941 as a line haul tractor, primarily to tow fuel trucks. Only 97 were manufactured.

The U-5044-T was powered by Autocar's 377 cu. in., 100hp 6cyl gasoline engine. It had a maximum towed load capacity of 30,000 lbs.

Autocar U-5044-T Tractor, 5-ton, 4x4 G-635.  Photo taken 15 April 1941
Autocar U-5044-T Tractor, 5-ton, 4x4. Photo taken 15 April 1941.

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