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11 Nov 1940 Operation SWORDFISH: Raid on Taranto, Italy, the British Royal Navy's first all-aircraft naval attack, launching obsolete canvas planes from an aircraft carrier [11-12 Nov].
11 Nov 1942 Triggered by Operation Torch in N. Africa, Germans take control of all of Vichy France north of the Riviera.
11 Nov 1942 Allies capture Casablanca, Morocco during Operation Torch.
11 Nov 1942 In the aftermath of Operation Torch, Germany and Vichy France begin negotiations on the fate of the French fleet at Touson.
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Chevrolet Truck, Airfield, Crash, 1-1/2 Ton, 4x4 (Class 110)

The Class 110 Truck, Airfield, Crash, 1-1/2 Ton, 4x4 was manufactured by Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corp. with fire fighting equipment body added. The vehicle measured 237 in. long by 87 inches wide with a 145 inch wheelbase. It was powered by the 235 cu. in. Chevrolet 6 cyl. gasoline engine and used GMC banjo axles.

The Ordnance number for this truck is G506, which includes all of the Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton 4x4 trucks of that series. The technical manual for this vehicle is TM 10-1127.

Quoting from Pioneers with Intent: Memoirs of an Air Force Fire Fighter by Douglas E. Courchene:

Most crash trucks were olive green during World War II and represented the first generation of crash trucks mass-produced.

[The Class 100 Crash Truck] had a 375-gallon booster tank and a 100-gpm rotary pump. It was one of the first crash fire units developed for airfield use, weighing 16,500 pounds with a full load. The truck was adapted for dry-powder foam generator and 200 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) in four high-pressure cylinders and two spares. The truck had 100 feet of 1-inch cotton, rubber-lined fire hose and a foam-producing nozzle. The truck also had electric hand lanterns, universal spanner wrenches, double female coupling, and reducing couplings.

The standard Class 110 crash truck similar to the Class 100, but assembled on a different chassis and without separate foam tank, foam solution being mixed directly into the water tank. The truck had a 100-gpm, centrifugal pump and a 250-gallon water tank.

Truck, Airfield, Crash, 1-1/2 Ton, 4x4, Class 110
Truck, Airfield, Crash, 1-1/2 Ton, 4x4, Class 110.

Truck, Airfield, Crash, 1-1/2 Ton, 4x4, Class 110.  Image from TM 9-2800, page 192
Truck, Airfield, Crash, 1-1/2 Ton, 4x4, Class 110. Image from TM 9-2800, page 192.

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