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High Mobility Entrencher (HME)

High Mobility Entrencher (HME).  Photo: Freightliner
High Mobility Entrencher (HME). Photo: Freightliner.

The High Mobility Entrencher (HME) is a variant of the Unimog Model 406/419 Engineering Vehicles. Except for its entrenching/earthmoving equipment, it is the same vehicle as the Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE).

The HME variant consists of the same basic Unimog Model 419 tractor as the SEE, but with a dozer blade (85 inches wide by 32 inches high) on the front end and an entrencher on the rear. The HME is called Model 419.102 by Unimog.

Most sources say only twe;ve of the HME variant were built, under the US Army Freightliner contract in 1987.

The HME featured an entrenching bar that could cut a narrow trench up to 7 feet deep, operating while the HME moved slowly forward. A front mounted, seven foot wide blade was used to backfill the trench.

The High Mobility Entrencher (HME) is identified by NSN 2420-01-228-8610 (Tractor, Wheeled, Industrial). See TM 55-2420-224-14 for drawing.