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Today in WW II: 11 Jul 1940 US Quartermaster Corps asked 135 companies to bid on seventy light reconnaissance and command cars, the origin of the military jeep.  More 
11 Jul 1941 Establishing the first US foreign intelligence organization, Wm. J. Donovan becomes Coordinator of Information, head of the organization renamed OSS in 1942, the predecessor of the post-war CIA.
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U.S. Marine Corps LRT-110 Air Mobile Crane, 7 1/2 ton capacity.

The Air Mobile Crane (AMC) is the Marine Corps’ Light Medium lift, air transportable crane, rough terrain, self-deployable crane capable of lifting 7 ˝ tons and swinging 360 degrees while on outriggers. It is a self-propelled, diesel engine-driven, rubber-tired, four wheel drive, four-wheel steer, 7 ˝ ton capacity, hydraulically operated crane, and is capable of operating in all terrain and climate conditions.

Operational Characteristics: The AMC is used by engineer organizations to support the movement of shelters and vans weighing up to 15,000 pounds, the assembly of munitions within the Ammunition Supply Point (ASP), as well as handling repair parts, supplies, and equipment. The AMC is used by Marine Wing Support Squadrons to support “fly away" contingencies by being air transportable with the C-130 aircraft. The AMC is used to remove rotor heads and main transmissions of all helicopters in the U.S. Marine Corps’ inventory.

TM 5-3810-305-10, 9 August 1991, is the Operator's Manual for Crane, Wheel Mounted, Hydraulic Light, 7 1/2 Ton Rough Terain Crane. TM 5-3810-305-24 and TM 5-3810-305-24P are the maintenance and parts manuals, respectively.

Model LRT-110 consists of:

  • TYPE I GENERAL PURPOSE (NSN 3810-01-165-0646)
  • TYPE II AIRBORNE/AIRMOBILE (NSN 3810-01-165-0647)

LRT-110 Air Mobile Crane, 7 1/2 ton capacity
LRT-110 Air Mobile Crane, 7 1/2 ton capacity.

LRT-110 Air Mobile Crane, 7 1/2 ton capacity, with load, boom and outriggers extended
LRT-110 Air Mobile Crane, 7 1/2 ton capacity, with load, boom and outriggers extended.