LTT as a Platform

The Light Tactical Trailer Chassis (LTT-HC) or the M1101 / M1102 Cargo Trailers are a popular base for tactical systems that require high mobility. The combination of LTT and its HMMWV prime mover is very attractive for modular Shop Sets, electronics, shelters, and many other systems that can benefit from the load capacity and mobility specifications.

MTT2450 trailer-mounted, military tactical communication terminal, utilizing LTT chassis trailer.  Photo: ND SatCom GmbH
MTT2450 trailer-mounted, military tactical communication terminal, utilizing LTT chassis trailer. Photo: ND SatCom GmbH.

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Light Tactical Trailer (LTT) as a Platform

The many military systems based on the Light Tactical Trailer (LTT) are represented by the variety in this table. Some of these are prototypes or low production rate while others are produced in large numbers. In some cases the entire system has been reduced to a load for one trailer while in other cases the trailer carries just one component. All three versions of the LTT are utilized: LTT-HC Chassis, LTT-L M1101, and LTT-H M1102.

Tactical systems for the U.S. Marine Corps are supported by the Light Tactical Trailer - Marine Corps Chassis (LTT-MCC).

Photo Description

US Navy SPAWAR Family of Integrated Rapid Response Equipment (FIRRE) LTT-H M1102 Support Equipment Trailer

US Navy SPAWAR Family of Integrated Rapid Response Equipment (FIRRE) LTT-H M1102 Support Equipment Trailer. FIRRE is an advanced technology demonstration program intended to develop a family of affordable, scalable, modular, and logistically supportable unmanned systems to meet urgent operational force protection needs and requirements worldwide. The system is transported on multiple HMMWVs and trailers. The M1102 Support Equipment Trailer has an extended bed, 120 inches vs. 86 inches standard, used with its towing HMMWV to haul the FIRRE support equipment including Remote Sensor Station towers, Ground Surveillance Radars, Unattended Ground Sensors, visual sensors, portable generators, electronics boxes, antenna masts, antennas, cables, and camouflage netting. The trailer and HMMWV are capable of loading two complete RSSs at a time.

ND SatCom GmbH LTT-HC Chassis based MTT2450 satellite communications terminal

LTT-HC Chassis based MTT2450 full-featured, trailer-mounted, military tactical terminal which is HMMWV-towable and supports communication via satellite or over troposcatter Beyond-Line-of-Site links. Utilizing the LTT-HC Chassis as the baseline platform, the MTT2450 terminal combines a 2.4-meter antenna with an on-board diesel generator, unique power distribution/protection system and environmentally protected electronics to provide a robust, autonomous communications platform which can be quickly and easily deployed in virtually any location. Introduced 18 November 2008 by ND SatCom GmbH. Photo: ND SatCom GmbH. See also, top photo on this page.

USMC Integrated Trailer-ECU (Environmental Control Unit) Generator (ITEG)

The USMC Integrated Trailer-ECU (Environmental Control Unit) Generator (ITEG) is based on the standard LTT-HC Chassis. ITEG is designed to support highly mobile USMC command and control systems and other forward-deployed operations centers and activities that displace often and have limited access to external power sources. The generator produces 22kW of electrical power (maximum of 9 kW for external use) and can parallel with other generators including the MEP-805B Tactical Quiet Generator. The ECU provides complete environmental air conditioning including cooling, heating, ventilation, and filtering and has a nominal cooling capacity of 120,000 Btu and a nominal heating capacity of 47,000 Btu. Photo: Applied Companies.

RQ-7B Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Launch/Recovery Trailer

The RQ-7B Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) depends on its Launch/Recovery Trailer for operations. The trailer is an LTT-HC Chassis with a flat deck cargo bed and a permanently mounted Shadow 200 Hydraulic launcher. The TUAV uses another M1102 LTT for the Maintenance Section Multifunctional Trailer (MSM-T).

LTT-L M1101 based M326 120mm Mortar Stowage Systems

The LTT-L M1101 based M326 120mm Mortar Stowage System will emplace and displace the fully assembled M120 120mm Mortar System without removal of the weapon from its bipod and baseplate. BAE Systems received a contract on 10 October 2007 to manufacture 588 of the M326 120mm MSS with deliveries to the Army a year later. The M326 120mm Mortar Stowage System makes it easier for Soldiers to quickly set-up and take down the M120 120mm Mortar on the battlefield. The simple, rugged device can be attached to the M1101 Light Tactical Trailer, to a HMMWV, or to a variety of other 120mm mortar prime mover vehicles. In operation, the M326 hydraulic system hoists the fully assembled 300 lb. M120 Mortar into and out of the trailer or vehicle. Photo: BAE Systems.

Mobile Single Pallet Unit (MSPU) shelter carried by the LTT-HC Chassis

The Mobile Single Pallet Unit (MSPU) Shelter is carried by the LTT-HC Chassis. MSPU inflates to its full 20x20 feet size in less than 10 minutes. MSPU is compatible with other shelters, capable of attaching to any other shelters within the U.S. military inventory to form complexes. The inflated shelter contains complete lighting, electrical, HVAC and HEPA filtration systems already installed. It also has NBC protection features such as a protective liner and additional filtration. Mobile Medical International Corporation of St. Johnsbury, VT produced the MSPU. Photo: Mobile Medical International Corporation.

Airfield Lighting System requires two LTT-HC Chassis trailers

The Airfield Lighting System requires two LTT-HC Chassis trailers. The rugged, flexible mobile tactical ALS supports a full range of military, homeland security, and disaster relief operations. The two trailer configuration provides 5,000 feet of airfield lighting. A team of three can set up the system in 45 minutes from arrival on location. Manufactured by Sierra Nevada Corp. Photo: Sierra Nevada Corp.

LTT-H M1102 based Assault Kitchen

LTT-H M1102 based Assault Kitchen. Announced in 2004 and fielded in 2007, the Assault Kitchen is the replacement for the Kitchen, Company Level Field Feeding (KCLFF), used to feed company-sized military units. The Assault Kitchen consists of a HMMWV and M1102 Light Tactical Trailer packed with equipment that eliminates, transfers or replaces the collection of loose KCLFF items. With the Assault Kitchen, every component has its standard place on the mobile platform. Supplementing the HMMWV contents, the trailer carries eight water cans, an ice chest, three tables, cargo netting to hold Unitized Group Ration-Heat and Serve tray pack boxes, stock pots, a cradle for use in preparing hot beverages and an awning to cover the serving area during bad weather.

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