LTT-MCC Marine Corps Chassis

The The Light Tactical Trailer (LTT) Chassis, sometimes called the Heavy Chassis, or LTT-HC, is a popular platform for military tactical systems. These systems are quite varied and use the LTT Chassis in different ways. The U.S. Marine Corps has its own version of the chassis, suitable for the specialized purposes of the USMC.

For the Marine Corps, it was desirable to have additional standardization on a trailer platform that would provide mounting provisions for various pieces of USMC power generation, lighting, and general purpose equipment. The PM Expeditionary Power Systems (EPS) and the PM Motor Transport worked jointly on strategy to bring a USMC specific configuration into the inventory. This concept involved creation of a USMC Kit to be mounted on the LTT-HC. The resulting USMC trailer chassis is known as the Light Tactical Trailer - Marine Corps Chassis (LTT-MCC). Each LTT-MCC consists of one LTT-HC plus one USMC Kit.

Schutt Industries, Inc. (Clintonville, WI) manufactures the LTT-MCC for the Marine Corps, with deliveries starting in September 2009.

Details of the USMC Kit for the Light Tactical Trailer
Details of the USMC Kit for the Light Tactical Trailer.

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Light Tactical Trailer - Marine Corps Chassis (LTT-MCC)


The LTT-MCC will be able to mount at least any of the following:

  • Pair of 3kW TQGs
  • 5kW MEP-802A TQG
  • 10kW MEP-803A TQG
  • 20kW MMG25 Magnum Generator
  • Floodlight Set (FLS)
  • Upward expandable for Advanced Mobile Medium Power Sources (AMMPS) when TQG is superseded

USMC Floodlight Set (FLS) with generator, mounted on LTT-MCC trailer
USMC Floodlight Set (FLS) with generator, mounted on LTT-MCC trailer.

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