Today in WW II: 6 Apr 1941 Operation Marita: Germans invade Greece. More 
6 Apr 1941 Axis armies from Germany, Italy, and Bulgaria invade Yugoslavia; Luftwaffe bombs Belgrade.
6 Apr 1945 Yugoslav Partisans liberate Sarajevo from the troops of Nazi Germany who then withdraw from Bosnia.
6 Apr 1945 Japanese battleship Yamato and supporting ships sunk 200 miles [320 km] north of Okinawa while enroute there to relieve increasingly desperate defenders [6-7 Apr].
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M1079 or M1079A1 2.5 ton Van

The M1079 or M1079A1 2.5 ton Van is a member of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV), providing tactical unit mobility and logistics for the U.S. Army and the other military services.

Curb Weight 18,181 lb 8,247 kg
Length 263 in 6,682 mm
Width 96 in 2,438 mm
Oper. Height 143 in 3,630 mm
Air Trans. Height 105.5 in 2,680 mm
Wheelbase 153.5 in 3,900 mm
Range (Min. Gr. Wt.) 400+ mi 645+ km
Approach Angle 40
Departure Angle 40
Payload 5,000 lb 2,268 kg
Towed Load 12,000 lb 5,443 kg

Drawing of FMTV 2.5 ton Van M1079
Drawing of FMTV 2.5 ton Van M1079.