M-107 175mm Self-propelled Gun

The M-107 entered service with the U.S. Army in the early 1960s, gradually replacing the M53 155mm Self-Propelled Gun. It was developed as the T235 prototype by Pacific Car and Foundry Company (PACCAR, Inc.), standardized as the M107 in 1962. The full nomenclature is Gun, Field Artillery, Self-Propelled: 175-MM, M107 (from TM 9-2300-216-10, Operator's Manual). The M-107 is also sometimes referred to as a howitzer or cannon. The gun itself, mounted on the M107 chassis, is the Cannon, 175mm, M113 fitted to an M158 mount.

The M-107 175mm Self-propelled gun fired a 174-pound projectile almost 33 kilometers. This impressive range made it a valuable weapon for providing an umbrella of protection over large areas. The large spade at the rear is hydraulically operated. When lowered it keeps the vehicle in place as the gun is fired, opposing the massive recoil.

The same diesel powered chassis is used for the M107 and the M110 self-propelled 8in (203mm) howitzer. In Vietnam, the M110 8-inch howitzer was found with most division artilleries, and both the 8-inch howitzer and M107 175-mm. gun were with field force artillery. At field force the proportion of 8-inch and 175-mm. weapons varied. Since the weapons had identical carriages, the common practice was to install those tubes that best met the current tactical needs. One day a battery might be 175mm while a few days later it might be half 175mm and half 8-inch.

The M107 self-propelled 175mm gun and the M110 self-propelled 8in (203mm) howitzer were both characterized by rapid barrel wear and the need to be able to change the barrels frequently and simply. The M578 Light Armored Recovery Vehicle (VTR) was developed to service these requirements using the identical diesel powered chassis.

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M-107 175mm Self-propelled Gun Photo Gallery

M-107 175mm Self-propelled Gun firing, Battery C, 1st Battalion, 83d Field Artillery, at Fire Support Base Bastogne, Vietnam.
M-107 175mm Self-propelled Gun firing, Battery C, 1st Battalion, 83d Field Artillery, at Fire Support Base Bastogne, Vietnam.

M-107 175mm Self-propelled Gun firing, Vietnam.
M-107 175mm Self-propelled Gun firing, Vietnam.

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