Today in WW II: 11 May 1939 Japanese begin attempt to seize Mongolian land to the banks of the Khalkin Gol River at Nomonhan, clashing with Soviet troops. More 
11 May 1940 Belgian fortress Eben Emael, on the Meuse River, reputed to be the most formidable stronghold in the world, falls to German Army glider assault.
11 May 1940 Luxembourg falls to the German army.
11 May 1940 On the night of 11-12 May, 1940 the Royal Air Force [RAF] attacked Mönchengladbach, Germany, the first Allied air raid on Germany of WW II.
11 May 1943 American troops invade Attu in the Aleutian Islands, beginning campaign to expel occupying Japanese forces [11-29 May].
11 May 1944 Allied Fifth and Eighth Armies launch long-awaited offensive, finally capturing Cassino and breaking the German Gustav Line [night of 11-12 May].
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M1094 or M1094A1 5 ton Dump Truck LVAD or LAPES/AD

The M1094 or M1094A1 5 ton Dump Truck LVAD or LAPES/AD is a member of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV), providing tactical unit mobility and logistics for the U.S. Army and the other military services.

This version of the 5 ton FMTV is designed to support construction in remote areas after being airdropped from C130 aircraft using the LVAD or LAPES/AD delivery systems:

  • LVAD = Low Velocity Air Drop
  • LAPES/AD = Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System/Air Drop

Delivery in this way does not require a landing strip.

The M1094 or M1094A1 have optional troop seats for transport of soldiers.

Curb Weight 23,458 lb 10,641 kg
Length 283 in 7,182 mm
Width 96 in 2,438 mm
Oper. Height 112 in 2,845 mm
Air Trans. Height 105.5 in 2,680 mm
Wheelbase 161 in 4,100 mm
Range (Min. Gr. Wt.) 300+ mi 483+ km
Approach Angle 40°
Departure Angle 60°
Payload 10,000 lb 4,536 kg (5 cu yd)
Towed Load 21,000 lb 9,596 kg

M1094 or M1094A1 5 ton Dump Truck LVAD LAPES/AD
M1094 or M1094A1 5 ton Dump Truck LVAD LAPES/AD.