M1095 FMTV 5 ton Cargo Trailer

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M-1095 5 ton Cargo Trailer (Drop-side)

The M-1095 5 ton Cargo Trailer (Drop-side) is a standard 5 ton trailer for the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV), providing tactical unit mobility and logistics for the U.S. Army and the other military services.

Curb Weight 9,200 lb 4,173 kg
Length 230.5 in 5,855 mm
Width 96 in 2,438 mm
Oper. Height 82.5 in 2,095.5 mm
Air Trans. Height 82.5 in 2,095.5 mm
Departure Angle 38
Payload 10,000 lb 4,536 kg
Inside Cargo Bed Length 170 in 4,318 mm
Inside Cargo Bed Width 91 in 2,314 mm

5 ton FMTV cargo truck with 5 ton trailer M1095
5 ton FMTV cargo truck with 5 ton trailer M1095.

FMTV 5 ton trailer M1095
FMTV 5 ton trailer M1095.

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