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M-119 Semitrailer, Van, 6-ton, single axle, 2-Wheel (G751)

M119 Semi-trailer, Cargo Van, 6 ton, 2 wheel.  Courtesy: Government Liquidation LLC
M119 Semi-trailer, Cargo Van, 6 ton, 2 wheel. Courtesy: Government Liquidation LLC.

The M-119 Semitrailer, Van, 6-ton, single axle, 2-Wheel is based on the M117 series chassis with a closed-type van body attached. The chassis is supported by a single axle on semielliptical leaf springs suspension with a pair of dual wheels (4 tires). The M119A1 suspension and wheels can be removed from the vehicle to improve transportability.

A landing gear is provided to support the front of the semitrailer when it is unhooked from the towing vehicle. A spare wheel carrier is mounted on the right side of the trailer. A retractable rear step is incorporated into the right rear corner of the van.

Light assemblies provide service taillight, service stoplight, left/right turn signal, blackout taillight, and blackout stoplight. These lights are controlled by the towing vehicle. The M119 semitrailer has a total of eight clearance lights, four of which are blackout.

The M119 van was designed for the primary towing vehicle to be the M48 2 1/2-ton 6x6 tractor truck, from the M35/M44 series.

Find additional photos and hi-res versions of the M119 Semitrailer Van at the Olive-Drab Military Mashup.

M-119 Semitrailer, Van, 6-ton, single axle, 2-Wheel Characteristics

Overall length 22 ft 10 5/8 in.
Width 7 ft 11 3/4 in.
Height 11 ft 7/8 in
Payload, highway 16,200 Ibs
Payload, cross country 11,960 Ibs
Weight, empty 7,180 Ibs
Tires Four 9.00x20 8-ply
Brakes M119 hydraulic, M119A1 Air-over-hydraulic
Electrical system 24v

Table data is basaed on the M119 Semitrailer, from TM 9-2330-210-14&P.

Manuals for the M-119 Semitrailer, Van, 6-ton will be in the TM 9-2330-210-xx series, where the xx represents the maintenance level. The NSNs for the M119 variants are:

Model NSN
M119 2330-00-835-8122
M119A1 2330-00-679-5582

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