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12 Jan 1945 Japanese bombing balloon lands near Regina, Saskatchewa causing minor damage, one of over 9000 launched from Japan during 1944-1945 against US and Canada.
12 Jan 1945 First convoy of 113 vehicles starts from Ledo [in India] via the reopened Burma Road to deliver supplies to China.
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M-270 Semitrailer, Low Bed. 12-ton, Wrecker, 4-wheel (G802)

M-270A1 Semitrailer, Low Bed. 12-ton, Wrecker, 4-wheel.  Courtesy Patton Museum, Ft. Knox, KY
M-270A1 Semitrailer, Low Bed. 12-ton, Wrecker, 4-wheel. Courtesy Patton Museum, Ft. Knox, KY.

The M270 trailer is used to transport new or salvaged aircraft amd general purpose cargo. It is very similar to the M269 semitrailer, except for the greater length of the M270, making the M270 more suitable for transport of elongated-type cargo and equipment. It is normally towed by a 5-ton 66 tractor truck or similar vehicle equipped with a fifth wheel. The M270 was standardized in 1958, then superseded by the M270A1 in 1959.

M-270 Semitrailer, Low Bed. 12-ton Characteristics

Overall length 596 1/2 in
Cargo bed length 480 in
Width 96 3/4 in
Height 120 3/4 in
Loading height 48 3/4 in
Payload 24,000 lbs
Gross vehicle weight 41,500 lbs
Shipping weight 17,500 lbs
Air transportability Phase III
Electrical system 24v
Tires 11:00x20 12 ply
Brakes Air
Blackout lights Yes
Fording Submersible
Departure angle 35
Ground clearance 18 in
Kingpin height 54 in

The M270A1 Semitrailer differs from the M270 in these characteristics of the M270A1:

  • Overall length is 591 in
  • Payload is 40,000 lbs
  • Air over hydraulic brakes

Table data is basaed on the M270 Semitrailer, from TM 43-0001-31, June 1985.

Manuals for the M-270 Semitrailer, Low Bed. 12-ton will be in the TM 9-2330-220-xx series, where the xx represents the maintenance level. The NSN for the M270 Semitrailer is 2330-00-395-1877. The NSN for the M270A1 Semitrailer is 2330-00-289-7515.

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