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Today in WW II: 20 Sep 1943 Italy bisected as U.S and British forces meet at Eboli.   

M353 3 1/2 Ton General Purpose Trailer

The M353 is a single axle, 2-wheel, heavy-duty chassis designed to be towed by 2-1/2 or 5-ton military trucks. It is designed to haul general payloads of up to 3 1/2 tons (7,000 pounds) such as generators, air compressors or welders.

The M353 has a raised A-frame bolted in the front of the chassis with an attached lunette, safety chains, lifting shackles and bars for handling. The frame has steel wheel covers and two hand brake levers mounted forward of the wheels beside the swivel caster landing gears. There are two rubber tires mounted on retractable landing gears located on the front corners. The landing gears are also used to level the trailer when loaded and stationary.

The M353 General Purpose Trailer is assigned NSN 2330-00-542-2831. The trailer entered service 1 Jul 1976. The technical manual is TM 9-2330-247-14&P.

M353 Trailer Characteristics

Gross Vehicle Weight 2,650 lbs
Payload 7,000 lbs
Length 187.5 in
Height (not reducible) 48.25 in
Width 95.9 in
Fording Depth 30 in
Maximum Speed, highway 50 mph
Maximum Speed, cross country 25 mph

M353 3 1/2 Ton General Purpose Trailer
M353 3 1/2 Ton General Purpose Trailer.