Dodge M-37 Technical Manuals

The typical military vehicle is supplied with a pile of documentation and the M37 family of vehicles is no exception. In addition to manuals for the operator, there are far more detailed TMs for the echelons of maintenance, Technical Bulletins and MWOs (Modification Work Orders) to describe authorized field changes, and other documents.

M37 with AN/GRC-36 radioteletype in S-89/G shelter mounted in bed
M37 with AN/GRC-36 radioteletype in S-89/G shelter mounted in bed.

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Technical Manuals for the Dodge M-37 Truck Family

Manuals for the M-37 series of vehicles were published in groups as the vehicles evolved and military documentation procedures changed. Each manual typically covers all applicable vehicles in the family. This is a solid list but not exhaustive.

  • Ord 8,9 SNL G-741 Organizational Maintenance
  • TM 9-808-1 Operation
  • TM 9-808-2 Maintenance
  • TM 9-840 Operation and Organizational Maintenance
  • TM 9-1808A-1 Engine and Clutch
  • TM 9-1808A-2 Electrical System
  • TM 9-1808B Ordance Maintenance Power Train Chassis and Body
  • TM 9-1840A Ordnance Maintenance Engine and Clutch
  • TM 9-8030 Operation and Organizational Maintenance
  • TM 9-8031-2 Power Train, Body and Frame
  • LO 9-2320-212-12 Lube order
  • TM 9-2320-212-10 Operator's Manual (30 November 1973)
  • TM 9-2320-212-20 Organizational Maintenance (30 November 1973, Supersedes TM 9-8030)
  • TM 9-8030 Lubrication Order
  • TM 9-2320-212-34P Direct Support and General Support Parts and Tools
  • TM 9-2520-232-35 Field and Depot Maintenance NP420 Transmission, M37B1
  • LO 9-2320-212-12 Lubrication Order
  • TB-212-20/1 Transmission differences, NP420 early and late production
  • TB 9-2855-5 Installation of Gasoline personnel heater, Southwind
  • TB 9-2855-6 Installation of Power Plant Heater
  • TB 9-2855-7 Hard Top Enclosure Kit Installation
  • TB 9-2855-45 Installation of Hot Water Personnel Heater Kit
  • TB 9-2855-1080C Carter Carburetor
  • TB 9-2320-212-20/2 Upgrade of 45 amp-hr Batteries to 100 amp-hr
  • TB 9-2320-212-20/3 Tire pressure
  • MWO 9-2300-20 Turn signal installation
  • MWO 9-2300-263 Turn signal installation
  • MWO G741-W7 Relocate spare tire
  • MWO ORD 6741-W10 Tailgate support
  • TM 11-xxx includes a series of manuals for installation of specific radio equipment in the M37. For example, TM 11-2300-352-15-2 describes installation of the AN/VRC-12
  • Special pubs and PS Magazine compilations. For example, "Be your own inspector on 3/4 ton trucks," PM 4383-O-Army-Knox-Jun70-4M

Changes and updates to these manuals occurred during the service life of the M37 vehicles. Other manuals describe equipment and procedures common to M-series vehicles.

Tabulated Data for the Dodge M-37 Truck Family

Dimensions, weights, and other data for the M-37 family of vehicles is on these two pages from TM 9-8030 (Operation and Organizational Maintenance), May 1955. Click for a larger image:

M37 family of trucks, tabulated data