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8 Jul 1941 Jews living under German occupation in Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania ordered to wear a Jewish Star.
8 Jul 1942 US Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Chester Nimitz orders invasion of Guadalcanal, Solomon islands, to seize a strategic Japanese airfield.
8 Jul 1944 US forces on Saipan mop up after surviving a 15-hour banzai charge, one of the largest ever, defesting over 3000 Japanese soldiers plus wounded and civilians who participated.
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The M870A2E1, fielded in April 2004, is a 50-ton payload, three axle Medium Heavy Equipment Transporter (MHET) based on the M870A2 MEDIUM HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTER (MHET) but with changes to increase its capacity:

  • Modified to transport wider/heavier loads (50-ton capacity)
  • Removable, hydraulically operated gooseneck for the front loading of equipment
  • "D" ring tie downs and folding outriggers for wide loads.

The M870A2E1 changes enable it to carry wider loads such as the M621B Scraper and Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAV). At the time the M870A2E1 entered the Marine Corps fleet in 2004, the LVS MK48/16 prime mover with the M870A2E1 trailer was the largest motor vehicle in the Marine Corps.

M870A2E1 Semitrailer Characteristics

Length 507 in.
Height 48 in.
Width 120 in.
Vehicle Curb Weight (includes BII) 23,360 lbs.
Payload 100,000 lbs.
Maximum Speed 35 mph

Refer to the M870A2 MEDIUM HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTER (MHET) page for other characteristics.

The full nomenclature for this trailer is MEDIUM HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTER (MHET), M870A2E1. The M870A2E1 was assigned NSN 2330-01-483-8000.

The Operator's, maintenance and parts manuals for the M870A2E1 include:

  • TM-10770A-13&P System Operation and Maintenance First Through Third Echelon with Components List, Equipment Transporter MDL M870A2E1

The M870A2E1 was manufactured by Kalyn Siebert, Inc. (acquired by Heil).